Tonight was a blast. :)
Well since I have been feeling so much better, and better and better each day, my grandparents (That's where I am staying for a little while until I can get my feet back under me.) decided they wanted to take me out to have a bit of fun. We went to a few truck stop casinos and they gave me some money to play video poker. I'd say I did pretty darn good, walked in completely utterly broke and walked out with thirty two dollars. I calls that sucess. I didn't think I was really going to have much fun, but when they 'go out to do something' that's what they like to do so I went along with it. You never know right. No, you sure don't because I had a blast. It was nice calm relaxing fun, and I thouroughly enjoied it, way more than I thought I would. And so that you never have to leave there is always someone walking around handing out free drinks and food and they had some of the best coffe I ever tasted. I'm so glad they brought me out there, I really needed to get out. I didn't realize until we were going that since the beginning of June I have been sick and there for have not gone anywhere just for the heck of it. The only places I have been are mental wards, hospitals, emegerncey rooms, and doctors offices. Boring. Anywho, Sarah and Nick are comming in the morning to pick me up, I am going to spend the weekend at home then come back out here after church on Sunday. It's going to be so good to sleep in my own bed for the first time in about a month. I miss just being around my own home, not that I am not loving it saying with G-maw and Pops but there is just something about being in your own home you know?

I know this is a long one but if you could please read....
Never Knows Best
Hi, long time no see eh? I kind of forgot about LJ and went through a pretty dark peirod of my life. Really I forgot about most social media sites I used to love to keep up with. BUT it's time for a major update on me and my life. This is going to take a while and probably several entries, but if there are any of my LJ friends still out there that would like to join me on my journey of recovery and growth in my mental helth problems and just in my life in general, stay tuned.

I was actually just released from a psychartic facility dealing with my Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and new digonesis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I let things decline pretty badly for myself before I realzed it and went in for treatment. Since the begining of June I have been instutionalized a total of three times, but I don't think I will need to go back. I am putting most of this under a cut because it's pretty long and I don't want to be buggin.

Read more...Collapse )Well, I have gastritis, which if left untreated can get pretty serious. The pounding heart was because my potassium was allowed to get so low because I had had nothing in my body nourishment wise in days. The back pain was toxins building up in my kidneys that I already have kidney disease in and my kidneys are low functioning as it is. The toxins were allowed to build up because my kidneys weren't being flushed. Even people who fast drink water just to keep the toxins from building up in their kidneys. My bilirubin numbers were three times the amount that they should be and that has to do with liver function. I honestly could have gone into kidney failure in there.

There is so much more I want to share with you but I'm going to stop myself here because this post is already getting kind of long and I don't want to bore you guys my first post back. I am just so excited that I am finally taking steps in the direction of recovery of my metal wellness that I just need to share it. I am no longer ashamed by my mental illness and I can finally be open and honest and that is what is enabling me to heal.

Anyway, if you took the time to actually read this whole post I appreciate it so much, I just feel like I need to share this and to talk to people about my self, and their selves. I just feel the need to connect. I hope my old LJ friends out there that I was close to, it was only a few, are still there and are doing okay. Tomorrow I plan to read around all your journal entries to see what has been going on with you guys.

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I need a quick vent, had an exhausting few days.

My grandmother is in the hospital. She had a surgery, gastric bypass, over thirty years ago and where the connection was made her intestines have closed up so they have to go in and reverse the bypass. The way that she had toe bypass done is not the way they do them now, they were very unsafe and the doctor was surprised that her and her two sister's that also had the surgery around the same time were still alive. He said most people that had the procedure around that time have passed away from complications.

So ya, that's scary.

She went into the hospital Thursday night and we were told her reverse surgery would be Monday morning. Well it's 7:15pm Wednesday night and we JUST now got the phone call that they have started the procedure. We were first told Monday morning. Then Tuesday evening. Then Tuesday night. Then 8am this morning. Then 3pm. And here it is 7:19pm and they are JUST starting. This means my G-maw has not had ANYTHING to eat since Thursday morning. WTF. I know she is getting fluids through IV so she is safe, but she is still starving! UGH.

And, they won't tell us anything. Getting information from them is like an act of congress.

This waiting is driving me nuts. Nuts I tell you!!

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Oh yeah!
Forgot to add this to my post from yesterday but guess what!?

Remember GeoKitty? The one that disappeared?? Well he showed back up a few weeks ago. That's right!! I got my boy back!! n.n

Hello my faithfull friends.
Hai, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been pretty bummed lately. I still haven't found a job, which really sucks and has put a big strain on Sara. I've had a few offers BUT there is something holding me back. Something I have been putting off and putting off for a long time. My damn GED. I still haven't gotten it. My parents have offered to pay for it, and we're about to get a good dependable car (More on that in a bit) and I've gone through the books and taken all the tests and I think I am ready.

I'd gotten a call from a Marketing company with a job offer but I couldn't take it because of the GED. (There have been a few other offers that went about the same way this is just the one I am most excited about.) She seemed really interested in me, and said she'd try and hold a position for me for a few weeks so I can get transportation and that darn GED. Hopefully I can get it.

So, I'd given my dad some money to work on my Mustang a while ago and he never found the time or parts. Well, he found this guy with a car for sale and him and my mom are buying it for Sarah and I to make up for it. It's not a brand new car or anything, but it is in great shape it was very well maintained. It's a good dependable car. I can't believe I'm drawing a blank on the kind at the moment. It's a really pretty redish-orange color. We've been waiting several weeks for some paper work to go through so that we can get the car because the lady the car belonged to died.

Reason they are getting a good car so cheap, the lady died in it. She over dosed in the car. I thought it might be a bit weird, but the way I look at it is this; It wasn't about the car and this woman took like the up-most excellent care of this car, she'd want it to go to someone who'd take care of it and really needed it right? I think Sarah finds it a bit weird, and my mom was freaked about it at first but It's fine by me. It might be different if it was a violent suicide, but it wasn't so I'm okay with it.

Been sick with Bronchitis for the past four-ish weeks. Finally went to the ER and got some meds to clear it up. Hopefully it'll be clear before I get any job interviews, which will hopefully follow my getting of the GED.

How do you get run over by your own car??
So... um... my mom got hit by a car yesterday.

Her own car....

While no one was driving it.....

It's funny now, wasn't funny then. She could have been seriously hurt.

We were pulling out of McDonald's and the car died so we were going to push it backwards into a parking spot. I told my mom I could push it by myself, because I have had to do that before on several occasions. I told her the easiest thing for her to do would be to get in and ride so she could steer and put on the brake when needed.

She said no, I couldn't do it. Well, we pushed and she tried to steer without being in the car and it went for the curb. She tried to put the break on but couldn't reach it with her foot so she dropped to her hands and knees and tried to push it with her hand, her knee ended up getting drug between the tire and the curb.

It was about to completely run over her knee but got caught in a drain.

Her knee got scrapped up pretty badly, and it's really swollen but they did x-rays and everything checked out fine.

A few of my creations.
Feel like posting a few of the necklaces I have made so far, tell me what you think!!

This was a Christmas gift for my cousin Nikki.

Treasured by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

Just something I threw together because I was bored.

Cameo Pendant by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

This was a commission for my cousin to give as a Christmas gift for her friend.

Sea Friends by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

This is a design I came up with, I've made them in several different colors and have even sold a few so far.

Barbed by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

Another product of boredom.

Lock and Key necklace by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

I really liked how the sea themed necklace for my cousin turned out so I made another kinda like it with these glass beads Sarah had gotten me.

Sea Friends Necklace with glass beads by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

Another example of the barbed necklace in a different color.

Barbed - Green and Black by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

Wanted to try my hand at a SteamPunk themed necklace, and this is what came out. This is actually one of my favorite pieces I've made so far and it's going to be hard to part with it when/if it sells.

Steam Punk Pendant by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

By ze way, I am working on improving my photoshop/photo manipulation skills, so excuse the badness of them. If you have any tips, tricks, or critiques feel free to give them. There is always room for improvement, and that goes for my jewelery too. Also, if you like one of the necklaces, I would of course offer discounts for meh friends so let me know! :)

Also, any advice on pricing for these necklaces would be helpful, I am so bad at putting a price on stuff. I never think my stuff is as worthy as it is, and normally get ripped off because of my lack of confidence in my work. So... ya... HELP!!

AND one last thing I need help on. A name for my Etsy shop. It was going to be &stuff which I REALLY like, BUT you can't have the & sign in the shop name and it just doesn't look right as And Stuff, so ya... it took me FOREVER to come up with that one, so I know it'll be years before I can come with another.... Well maybe not years, but you get it. XP

Look whos back!!
Beaucitul Curvs
Hey guys, I know I haven't been on in forever but I didn't disappear, promise. xD Just been without internet and busy.

We finally have a laptop again, and not one we're making payments on either. Well, we have to pay Sarah's dad two-hundred dollars for it, which makes no sense since it was her Christmas gift. She has decided to share it with me, but she's only spent maybe a total of an hour on it since we got it. I hope I'm not taking it over. It's a brand that I have never heard of, Asus, BUT her brother (who is a computer tech) did a lot of work to it, even put a second hard drive in it, so it's got lots of space for EVERYTHING. He also put emulators for the NES, SNES, and N64 on it with a bunch of awesome games. Also, he bought Sarah Skyrim for the PC. Skyrim = FANTABOLOUS!! Srsly.

Also I have been keeping busy making jewelery. I've started up an Etsy store and I am trying to sell my creations online to make a little extra cash since I am out of a job.

Oh, did I not mention getting fired? Ya, for three tardies. That's what I got fired for. I tried to go through corporate to fight it, since you can only be fired if you've had a D-day and the only reason I had a D-day was because of that idiot Chad, ( )  and I was in the process of fighting that D-day anyway, because every manager in the whole place said I should have never been written up, except Mr. Jerk aka Mr. Larry. So yah, I have been without a job since a little before Thanksgiving. So, finances are in the dump right now, and we may have to forgo our Cruise we were supposed to take in July sometime. I am hoping I find a job soon so I can start pulling my weight. Sarah started a second job today, and I feel bad that she has to work so hard to support my jobless butt. I feel like such a bum, I've never been without a job this long (Except during my medical leave, but that doesn't count).  :(

What else is new??

We have a new family member, and we've lost one.
  Geokitty got out and we haven't seen him since. I really miss him, I keep telling myself that someone saw him, and realized what a wonderful, cute, sweet, and loving cat he was and took him home to spoil him even more than we did. That IS my story and I am sticking to it. He is in a good loving home. Period. I haven't given up looking for him though, we canvased the neighbor hoods and posted adds and signs. I don't think I'll ever see him again, but I'll never give up hope or stop looking. I MISS YOU GG! PLEASE COME HOME!! Those of you on my Flist who are local, keep an eye out for a huge fat black and white tux cat. I miss my baby. :,(
  I'm not sure if I have mentioned WheeMan or not, but he was one of my mom's cat's kittens. He was the runt of the litter, and was getting beat up and wasn't being taken very good care of by his mum so when my sister got his sister MaggieMayham, we brought WheeMan over too so he could heal and get the attention he needed. He wouldn't grow for the longest time, I think his growth was stunted or something. He has always been half the size of his siblings, hence the name. My sister decided she was keeping him, and he was going to be an outside cat when they moved, well Sarah and I decided to keep him. More on WheeWee later.

Well, I'll have to finish this update later on, it's time to get Sarah up for her second job and take her.

Beaucitul Curvs
So, I've really gotten into painting my nails recently and just realized I've never posted any nailart pictures on LJ.

So, yah. Here are a few of my attempts;

This was my first ever attempt at nailart:

Skulls and Stripes by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

You know I gotta pay love to Jack:

The Many Faces of Jack by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

Just trying to find the right technique for doing stripes:

Wyld Side by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

Just a few designs:

Creative Nails by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

Just wanted to try and do a few characters:

Guess Who? by ~LeRHAT on deviantART

If you have any tips and tricks let me know, I am new to the whole nail painting scene but I love it and I think I am pretty good at it too. (Not to toot my own horn or anything.) Even though I don't even wear it. I always take it off not long after I photograph it. xD


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